Paint Protection Film (PPF), also know as “Clear Bra”, is a clear adhesive film applied to the painted surfaces of a vehicle to protect from rock chips and debris from the road.

This incredibly durable material was first developed for military use on helicopter rotor blades to protect sensitive areas from flying shrapnel and debris. It wasn’t long before the automotive industry picked up on the benefits of Paint Protection Film, and today it is applied on vehicles all over the world.

Clear Bra has come a long way since its inception.

In its early days the film had only a couple of layers, making it less durable, more prone to yellowing and cracking, and nearly impossible to apply depending on the vehicle.  Today’s top brands offer PPF that come with multiple layers, allowing for more resistance and durability, more clarity, and more importantly self-healing properties.  In other words, the film is able to repair itself from swirl marks and other fine scratches.

Leader in the Industry

The film has multiple layers, including a top coat layer for improved clarity, a hydrophobic top layer and it is able to “self-heal”.  The film comes with a 10 year warranty and because of its hydrophobic top layer, it is more resistant to yellowing and staining than any other film in the market.