"The owners have a strong love for cars, they're passionate about their work and strive only for perfection."

Cam Northcutt

"Had my R8 fully wrapped by Clearfilm recently and they exceeded my expectations! Having had clear bra put on my previous vehicles by other installers, I know what is a great job when I see it."

Michael Le

"Great job on my car plus awesome, friendly and professional service!"

Douglas Brown

"This company goes above and beyond for the customer. Without a doubt one of the best consumer experiences with a company I have ever had. Their work is to perfection and they are such a pleasure to deal with personally. I know I am a bit needy about my car, and these guys just did everything they could to accommodate me. I am a repeat customer and could not imagine using anyone else for my cars, not to mention their pricing is the best I found and they were very flexible working me in their schedule and getting the job done."

Robert Wolf

"The team at ClearFilm is awesome! Murad was my first point of contact via email - I really appreciated being able to ask questions about the process via email and the quick response times. The guys were able to perform the work at a time that was convenient for me and everyone is clearly passionate about the quality of work performed. It's been 24 hours since the installation and I am very pleased with how my vehicle turned out - the fit and finish looks perfect. All in all, ClearFilm is a class act and I will most definitely be recommending them!"


"This product is amazing. It is totally clear and almost imperceptible on the vehicle. It gives you peace of mind that your paint is being protected so stealthy. Matching the quality of the product are the guys at ClearFilm. They were great. Murad and Jordan are personable and friendly. They conveyed themselves in a professional and courteous manner. They applied the product as only skilled and experienced craftsmen can. I was totally pleased with the experience. With no hesitation I would highly recommend the product and the entire crew at ClearFilm."

Jung Pyun

"I highly recommend ClearFilm to anyone wishing to protect their beloved vehicle in a showroom condition at all time. The owners/operators of this shop (a top notch facility btw) are two brothers who are car enthusiasts, and their passion and respect for fine automobiles really do come through on their work!!!”


"These guys are awesome; some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. They are professional and do fantastic work! Almost a month after I had the film installed on my Mazda3--something tore through the film and scraped my paint down to the base coat; whatever it was, a clear car bra wasn't going to protect it. I asked them what they could do; they gave me two options. One of which, was that they could cut around that area--then I could have it repaired and after that, I could bring it back to them for them to install a piece to cover where they removed. I took that route--and after a month of me working on the spot--I just brought it back to them and you can't even tell they removed a piece. They went above and beyond my expectations; I'd rate them five stars even if they didn't offer to fix something that wasn't their fault."

Rob Tan

"Great guys that have a passion for cars and keeping them immaculate. I would recommend them to anyone else who wants to keep their car in top notch shape."

Kim Nelson

"As a business owner, I can see the small details that these guys do to make their operation stand out above others. Great job!"